Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Merdeka or freedom

After hundreds of year our mother land was colonize by other countries starting from Portugal, Britain, Japan then Britain again. After that, we finally get it back. But we obtained freedom for our country with the sacrifice of many, blood money and even life. But, the most teenagers told the meaning of ‘Merdeka’ to them is come out at the night of 30th August just to celebrate the holiday’s given by the government and just waiting until 12 o’clock besides having sex, illegal racing, concert, wild parties, and many more. Then the spark will spread in the sky. Then they will shout ‘merdeka, merdeka, merdeka’ hundred of time without know what the meaning beyond the words and without know what they are shouted for. The terms of independence brought a grateful meaning for me because it means that our country has free from being interrupt by the other countries. The terms of independence also realize me that not only the country must be free but our attitude and soul must be free from the unwanted things that could harmful ourselves, even worst, our country. I must be more responsible to what I have done to my country and I try my very best to brings Malaysia’s name to rest of the world. I want each person in this world admire the name of Malaysia, because of its great people and happiness between us.